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We believe the principal objective of a business plan is to generate interest from potential investors, either in the form of a meeting or conference call. It is for this reason that we created Biz Plan Review. We want to assist you in the quest to get your business funded.

Our years of experience in both the public and private markets tell us that sophisticated investors are, by nature, a rather finicky bunch. In order to attract an audience with this faction, your business plan needs to be organized, structured, balanced, financially sound, easy to read, and worthy of a potential investor’s time. It must convey the notion that an investor could work with you and earn a return on their investment. After all, that is why investors read business plans and listen to sales pitches – they want to make money.

Funding does not occur in a vacuum, and very rarely does a deal get consummated with just one meeting. Those that do are truly “one in a million” opportunities or are sourced by titans of industry within the corporate and investment worlds. Attracting and securing capital is a process, one that could take anywhere from 6 months to more than a year depending on the underlying capital market conditions.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses and understand the associated idiosyncrasies better than anyone else because they live it. This strength, however, can quickly turn into a weakness when it comes time to write a business plan. The emotion and excitement of sharing their concept with would-be investors frequently drives business owners to make detrimental mistakes in creating a proposal (reference Common Reasons Business Plans Get Rejected). Our aim is to reduce this anxiety and assist you in the process of developing a business plan that will not dissuade potential investors.

How Biz Plan Review Fits into the Equation

Our practice is built around our ability to quickly understand the relevant drivers of a business and communicate those ideas effectively to potential investors. Our experience encompasses a host of industries: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotech, Internet/e-commerce, financial services, consumer products and services, specialty retail, productivity and education software, entertainment software, enterprise software, industrial manufacturing, and specialty/technology manufacturing. Beyond this short list, we have familiarity every sector and understand the nuances and critical drivers of success in each.

Our primary goal is to provide you with an Honest Assessment Review of your business plan, identify its core strengths and weaknesses, offer guidance and suggestions, focus your efforts properly, and assist you in creating a document that will enhance your pursuit to secure funding. If you feel that you have a sound business concept, but have failed to make headway in securing interest from potential investors, it may not be the idea that is flawed; it may be your business plan.

Why Choose Biz Plan Review?

Experience tells us that the business plan is, more often than not, a means to get in the door of a potential investor. Our approach is to work with you to highlight and effectively communicate the key attributes of your business.

Below are just a few of the reasons we believe you should consider Biz Plan Review to assist you in the creation of what is one of your company’s most valuable documents.

Honest Assessment Review

Our proprietary review process offers you an objective appraisal of your business plan, identifies its strengths and weaknesses, and provides an algorithm-based index score. Our grading system indicates the practicality of putting your business concept in front of potential investors while identifying those elements that require the most attention. These are areas we will work with you on completing and mastering in an effort to make your business plan the best it can be.

Time is money

Owners and entrepreneurs spend countless hours creating products and services, meeting with clients and potential customers, and building their businesses. We keep you focused on the critical elements of your business plan and those that require the most attention.


You benefit directly from our wealth of experience and knowledge in raising money and presenting ideas to savvy investors. Our goal is to formulate your message and business concept in a way that will appeal to potential investors and entice them to learn more.


No hard selling

Unlike some consulting organizations that try to cross-sell additional services or keep you onboard as a captive client, we have no such objective. We carry no agenda to upsell other services and there are no extended terms. In short, our service is transparent, our assessment is honest, and our advice is both reliable and direct.

No inflexible software programs

Many software packages cobble together disparate components in the hopes that it will capture everything about your business. The result is a clunky presentation that lacks focus and flow, and ultimately fails to identify and emphasize those elements that set your concept apart.

Are you ready to build your business?

Let Biz Plan Review assist you in developing and effectively communicating your business goals.

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